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Download the latest recommended setup file and run it. Accept all defaults.


This program can only be used on a Microsoft Active Directory network, as it will only pull a list of computers from a domain controller. Please make sure that you are running this with an account that has proper permissions to enumerate all computer accounts on the domain, such as a Domain Admin account.

Once you have a list of computers, select one or more of them by clicking on the check boxes next to their names. Enter a command in the command box, adjust any options you wish, and then enter in a valid username and password. This account may either be a local administrator account on all the workstations, or a domain account that has administrative privileges on all workstations. Click the Submit button.

Once the command is submitted, PSExec is launched in a separate thread with the required command line arguments. It will run the commands on all the computers you selected, one after the other, and report the results.


You can enter in two types of commands: launch programs that are on the target computers, and launching files that are on a UNC path on the network.

If the program you wish to run is in the PATH of the local computer (e.g. in C:\Windows\System32\), you may simply enter its name, such as "ipconfig" or "shutdown", along with any command line arguments.

If you wish to run a program or a batch file that is on a UNC path on your network, simply enter in its full path, i.e. \\server\folder\file.bat or \\server\folder\program.exe, along with any command line arguments.

Known Issues
  1. PSExec hangs most of the time when running a batch file. This is due to a known issue when redirecting PSExec's standard output and standard error streams.
  2. Output from PSExec's output streams are displayed in the wrong order. Command results are reported first, with the connection status coming last.

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